"I am unable to tie considerable hope to the Japan of the future. The sense that if things go on like this “Japan” will disappear deepens with each day."
"You don’t know the worth of a man until you have dressed him in rags."
"I would like for the clean spirit of order, for dazzlingly white aprons, to ever be the symbol of your living."
"The present era is one in which there is no essential difference between love marriages and arranged marriages."
"There is nothing more pitiful than the old gentlemen who watch strip shows with mouths agape while sitting next to old wives with expressions that…
"And that, more than any expression of the virtues of women, hit upon the nature of woman, that is, her dark fate."
"Flaubert may have written Madame Bovary as an act of rebellion against his own inability to resist the allure of the worthlessness of women in…
"It is foolish talk to draw a sharp distinction between friendship and love. Friendship and love may rest on identical physiological foundations."
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Barbarization à la Japonaise